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Minding The Gap

What We Do

Bridging academic and emotional gaps.

Minding the Gap strengthens children in their academic and emotional journey by teaching reading skills, building self-esteem and promoting healthy connections to caring adults. We proactively identify and give a boost to kids before they get left behind.

Zack Nicholson

Zack Nicholson

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Defining the Gap

There is a strong correlation between those living in poverty and high school dropout rates.  A large percentage of adults living in poverty did not graduate from high school. Reading proficiency is one of the key contributing factors in failing to graduate. Statistics show that if a student is not reading proficiently by the end of the fourth grade, they are four times as likely to drop out of school. Not being proficient at reading places a person at a severe economic disadvantage throughout their life. In 2019 only one out of three American 4th graders were reading at a proficient level.

Minding the GAP

A Two-Fold Solution

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  • Minding the Academic Achievement Gap

    There is a distinct achievement gap separating groups of students, and it often lies between students of different races and socioeconomic statuses. Some achieve significantly more than others academically, and this has a powerfully damaging impact, beginning in elementary school, to children’s futures. We believe that the achievement gap is actually one of the greatest threats to many of our children’s futures. Our tutoring program works in conjunction with school administration, teachers and parents. We focus on the challenges of each individual student, and support each one on their academic journey.

  • Minding the Emotional Gap

    Self-esteem is a necessary element for long term academic success. Children with a positive self-image are also less likely to engage in risky behavior, and this further enhances their chance at success. We are confident that every child who comes to us has immeasurable worth and value because they are made in the image of God. Our after-school program called The One-Eighty Club introduces children to this truth, and we help them to incorporate this into their everyday lives.

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    I am the principal of Compass Elementary and I can attest to the fact that it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to work side by side with Zack Nicholson. He has been faithful in his dedication to partner with the staff, students and families of Compass Elementary. He has left an indelible mark on the stakeholders of Compass through his sacrificial service of meeting the needs of our school community. Through his partnership with Caring for Kids, he has worked to get us the resources and support needed to create a great culture and climate.  We are grateful to have him as one of our biggest supporters.  Thank you Zack for continuing to be a positive influence at Compass Elementary.

    Erica Hoard, M.S.Ed, Principal
    Compass Elementary Principal

    Minding The Gap

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