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Welcome to our eventsFirst Day of School Kindergarten thru 2nd

First Day of School Kindergarten thru 2nd



First Day of School Kindergarten thru 2nd

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  • Starting Time: 01:30 PM
  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Ending Date: Invalid date
  • Phone Number: 816 535-0460

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 August 23, 2021

First Day of School Kindergarten thru 2nd

Compass and Warford Elementary


Join us as we welcome the Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade students back to school. Our team will greet and encourage the children as they get off the bus and come inside the building. We will slap high fives and cheer these young scholars on to a bright future!

Zack Nicholson
By Zack
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As principal of Meadowmere Elementary School, I have had the pleasure of working with many great people in the community. Zack Nicholson is the best of the best. He has a huge heart for students and teachers, and he wants the best for them. He has worked with my school's Caring For Kids committee, and he has helped us obtain many resources for our students, teachers, and families. Thank you Zack for all that you have done for Meadowmere Elementary School!

Stephen Fielder, Ed.S., Principal
Meadowmere Elementary Grandview CSD4

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