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Minding The Gap

We Believe

Our core values to Love and Trust.

We believe that the goodness of God and His unmerited favor are bestowed equally upon all mankind. Every person, male and female, rich and poor, young and old, of every race and ethnicity, has immeasurable worth and value because they are created in God’s image. The two greatest Commandments are to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Meeting basic needs in our communities and serving those around us is our practical response to God’s commandments.

Zack Nicholson

Zack Nicholson

  • 233Children Served
  • 3Schools We Serve
  • 107Volunteers Mobilized
  • 2School Districts Served

Minding the GAP

Our Values

  • Love


    Minding the Gap operates, at its heart, as an expression of love to our community. We want to serve others so that they can flourish, succeed, and experience better lives because of our labor.

  • Trust


    We value interacting with the community in a way that demonstrates full sincerity, honesty, and follow through on our commitments, building a reputation that can be trusted.

  • Invest


    Invest in the future generation: We believe it is easy to change the future – investing in a child has tremendous impact on the rest of their life, and thus on the lives of everyone that child touches.

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    Minding The Gap

    Guiding Principles

      Make a difference

      In the United States over one million students drop out of high school every year.